5 SURPRISINGLY EASY WAYS YOU CAN PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL DATA : One of the biggest questions of the 21st century


Well, whether you are a privacy paranoid or the one who ‘bares the soul’ in the riches of the internet valleys, there are things that you need to take into account. The decision to do something about it or keep on sleeping is always up to you. Has it ever occurred to you that the value of the information you share through connecting your laptop or smartphone could rival the value of the laptop/phone itself ?

As it turns out, our personal information is quite valuable, and is the basis of—what is already a—600 billion dollar industry! Who knew! With this kind of money at stake, perhaps you should pay better attention to what we choose to share. But again, that is totally up to you. Which brings us to the real question: Are there any tips that can really help keep your data secure ?

1. Do not forget to switch off your devices.

When you are done using your device, what’s the point of leaving it on ? If it’s not in use, just switch it off, it’s not that difficult. Otherwise, be aware that you give all the keys to the magic box with your personal data to the ones who are greedily waiting to bring a ‘beautiful present’ otherwise known as malware&co right to your door.

2. ‘Don’t talk to strangers’.

Yeah, we’ve heard it so many times in various contexts but repetition doesn’t hurt, you know ? We know that it may seem tempting but please, DO NOT follow the links, or go on websites or install anything you’ve received from people you do not know. No matter how enticing it may be. JUST SAY NO! (until you can verify the sender)

3. Careful with wi-fi.

Let’s face it, sometimes we choose our restaurant or cafe based on whether or not they have free wifi. Its okay. We all do it. But you should know, that ‘free wifi’ doesn’t mean ‘safe or secure connection’. So, if you use a public wireless connection, please make sure the connection you use is secure, and if it is not, make sure that every web site you are trying to visit uses HTTPS connection (not the unencrypted HTTP one). By the way, do not forget about the additional wi-fi security protection. P.S. Remember to keep bluetooth off by default on your mobile.

4. Look through your credit history.

Yeah, maybe this is not a pleasant thing to do – to check how much you spent on shoes last month, but take your courage and just take a look anyway. Make it an obligatory ritual every month. Sometimes, you will get charged for things you never purchased and this can be an indicator of a hack. So take the time to be thorough and you will prevent the use of your private financial information without your permission.

5. Be always on guard. And don’t forget to update the operating system.

And we know, it is pain in the well-know area ! However, it’s a ‘sacrifice’ you’ll have to make if you want your operating system to be healthy and happy. These updates have drastic security improvements saving your device from security threats (trojans, viruses, spyware, keyloggers, etc). So, no question about the importance of this ritual. Update and don’t debate that’s your ‘inspiring’ quote of the day !

By the way, don’t forget to set your updates on automatic mode.

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